October 24, 2011

Alternative Students Teach Teachers

Student Teachers learning from the experts: Alternative Students!

On October 18, 2011, Carrie Lane High School in Charles City hosted an alternative student-UNI student teacher round table. Rockefeller Alternative High School from Calmar, brought four students, and three students from Carrie Lane were able to talk to fifteen student teachers about a variety of subjects, from daily procedures at the alternative schools, to rules and regulations.
The student teachers were able to gather in-sight and get advice from the alternative school kids. Students advised the future teachers on what makes a good teacher and also what makes a bad teacher. The overall consensus from the students was that good teachers take the time to let the students know that they are important and that the teacher cares about his/her students.
The student teachers were able to see what life was like on the other side of the desk, which will hopefully benefit them as they transfer into their future profession. Also, hopefully, the experience of meeting these alternative school students will turn the student teachers into advocates for young people. A special thank you to Linda Rosulek, UNI Student Teacher Coordinator, Dawn Shattuck, Rockefeller High School Instructor, and Don Betts, Carrie Lane Director.

See a Northeast Iowa Community College story about the event here.

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