May 06, 2011

4/8/11 IAAE Board Meeting Minutes

IAAE Board Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2011     
Airport Holiday Inn
Des Moines, Ia

  1. Call to Order

    1. In Attendance: Rachelle Brown, Ken Burrington, Pam Courtney, Josh Dean, Lisa Demuth, Jen Duncan, Brett Eubank,  Brian Friesner, Brian Galusha, Lisa Hackman, Doug Harrold, Steve Iverson, Pat Johansen, Robyn Naberhaus, Steve Peters, Linda Rosulek, Gina Scheffler,  Marlana Schnell, Joel Schutte, Dawn Young

  1. New Business
    1. Welcome new members
    2. Steve Iverson shared some information/handouts with the group regarding transitioning that can be used with students.
    3. A date has been set for the 2012 IAAE State Conference: April 12-13, 2012.
      1. Lisa D. previously distributed a copy of a new contract from the Airport Holiday Inn Des Moines outlining their proposal to be the host site for the event in 2012.  Upon working out the final details, Lisa D has authority to sign the contract with the Airport Holiday Inn for next year.
    4. The Iowa residential educators will be represented on the IAAE Board and at subsequent IAAE state conferences.
    5. Pat Johansen agreed to do one more hard copy of the IAAE newsletter.  After that, the newsletter will be in digital form.
    6. The next IAAE Board meeting will be Friday May 6, 2011 at the DMACC Ankeny Campus.  We will meet in the FAA building room 208.
      1. Please come prepared to talk about themes and speakers for the next conference.

  1. Adjournment

***Next meeting: Friday May 6, 2011: Room 208, FFA Building 10:00-2:00

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Young

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