April 03, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes 1/27/12

IAAE Board Meeting Minutes
January 27th, 2012
Learning Resource Center, West Des Moines
  1. Call to Order
    1. In Attendance: Rachelle Brown, Ken Burrington, Josh Dean, Lisa Demuth, Brent Eubank, Brian Friesner, Lisa Hackman, Bob Howlett, Pat Johansen, Theresa Keeley, Pam Kirsch, Steve Peters, Marlana Schnell, Joel Schutte, Dawn Young
    2. Regrets: Jen Duncan, Brian Galusha, Doug Harrold, Greg McCullough, Ray Morley,  Robyn Naberhaus, Linda Rosulek, Gina Scheffler, Susan Walkup

  1. Minutes from 12/2/2011 approved

  1. Treasurers’ report
    1. $18,435.18 balance.  Little activity on the account other than mileage

  1. Legislative Day
    1. February 27th
    2. Details have been arranged for tables and pizza
    3. Next year’s date has been set for Thursday February 21st, 2013
    4. Rachelle has been in contact with the Lt. Governor about stopping to talk to the students in attendance.  Rachelle will also send an invitation to the Department of Education and the Senate and House Education Committees.
    5. Discussion ensued about how we stay connected to the State Department of Education.

  1. 2012 State Conference
    1. Speaker’s update
      1. Larry Bell – Thursday
        1. At this time he has not requested any transportation to/from the airport.
        2. Needs three tables set up for materials he sells.
        3. Marlana and Lisa D. will coordinate to make sure all of his technology needs are available.
      2. Chris Okishii – Friday
        1. Working on getting a contract back from him
    2. Facility update
      1. Price increase by $5.00 due to increase in food prices
        1. $155 early registration, $180 for late registration, $50 for presenters, $50 for undergraduate students.
      2. Facility contract for 2013
        1. Prairie Meadows has changed their original RFP
    3. Graduate credit for conference involvement
      1. Lisa D. will follow up with Ray Morley to see if graduate credit can be offered to conference participants.
    4. Breakout sessions
      1. Lisa H. has 9 requests for breakout sessions turned in already.
      2. Strands
        1. Technology
        2. Curriculum
        3. Poverty
        4. Behavior/mental health
        5. Other ideas
        6. Round table discussions
      3. There are 40 slots available for breakout sessions
    5. The registration form will be cleaned up and sent out.
    6. Responsibilities the day of the conference.
      1. Meeting the night before to cover all responsibilities
      2. Early registration will begin at 5:30
    7. Elections
      1. Open positions:  Brent is compiling a list of open positions
    8. Vendors
      1. Pat is not hearing back from vendors.  Please contact Pat with a contact names if you have any.

  1. State Conference 2013
    1. April 11-12 2013 possible dates.  If we decide on Prairie Meadows the date would be April 4-5 2013
    2. Possible locations
      1. Airport Holiday Inn
      2. Prairie Meadows
      3. Work is being done to solidify estimates from both places
    3. Themes
    4. Speakers
      1. Mike Schmoker
    5. Motion approved to give Joel, Lisa H, Lisa D, Rachelle and Marlana to sign a contract with the Airport Holiday Inn or Prairie Meadows and Mike Schmoker

  1. Website
    1. Discussion about website tabled until next meeting.
  2. Meeting adjourned
    1. Motion carried to adjourn the meeting
    2. Next meeting Friday March 30th, 2012

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Young

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