April 03, 2012

Board Meeting Minutes 3/30/12

IAAE Board Meeting Minutes
March 30, 2012
DMACC, Ankeny
  1. Call to Order
    1. In Attendance: Rachelle Brown, Ken Burrington, Lisa Demuth, Jen Duncan, Brett Eubank, Lisa Hackman, Doug Harrold, Bob Howlett, Pat Johansen, Theresa Keeley, Pam Kirsch, Steve Peters, Marlana Schnell, Joel Schutte, Dawn Young
    2. Regrets: Josh Dean, Brian Friesner, Brian Galusha, Greg McCullough, Ray Morley,  Robyn Naberhaus, Linda Rosulek, Gina Scheffler, Susan Walkup

  1. Minutes from 1/27/2012 approved

  1. Treasurer’s report
    1. Rachelle gave a verbal report
    2. Treasurer’s report approved as given

  1. Legislative Day
    1. The consensus was that the Lt. Governor had good conversations with some groups and scheduled time to meet with some schools.
    2. Bring any pictures to update the IAAE display board.

  1. 2012 State Conference
    1. Bills are being paid as they come in
    2. Registration is around 160 at this time
      1. Some contacts are being made to recruit some more people
    3. Membership.  Our policy about membership needs to be looked at
    4. Update on presenters/sessions
      1. There are a few updates on the schedule and we are waiting for a little information to describe a breakout session
      2. There is only one more time slot for a presenter
    5. Keynote – needs or issues
      1. Lisa D is coordinating setup with the hotel
    6. Vendors
      1. We have four vendors
    7. Wednesday night meeting and early registration
      1. Early-bird registration and set up
      2. Meeting 7:30 Wednesday evening for a quick board meeting and assign duties.  We will meet in the hospitality room Wednesday evening
    8. Elections
      1. Brent will coordinate elections, including board members that have on-going conflicts with meetings
    9. Awards
      1. Very few award nominations are coming in
      2. There are many grant requests
    10. Entertainment
      1. Entertainment is all lined up for Thursday evening
      2. Hospitality room
        1. People signed up to bring an assortment of food and drink
      3. Board members are reminded to bring a door prize
      4. Joel will get a Kindle Fire and a regular Kindle for the major door prizes

  1. 2013 State Conference
    1. Date: April 3-5, 2013
    2. Speaker for next year.  We should advertise early, possibly putting a flyer in this year’s materials about Mike Schmoker

  1. Future conferences
    1. Waterloo Community Schools will host the conference in 2014
    2. It is important to get the conference in the hands of districts each year

  1. Communication issues
    1. Our website is outdated!
    2. Blog and newsletter
    3. We need one way/place people go to get timely information
    4. Marlana has a work study applicant who may be interested in taking over the website.  A motion was approved to allow Marlana to offer up to 60 hours of work over the summer at the DMACC work study rate to start on the website.  The student can then work into next school year if he is interested.

  1. Other
    1. Alternative School and Program Directory
      1. Ken created a directory of all alternative schools and programs.

  1. Adjournment
    1. Motion was approved to adjourn

Next meeting: Friday May 11, 2012.  Those available will meet Wednesday April 18th at 7:30pm regarding last minute conference details.
Respectfully submitted
Dawn Young

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