April 04, 2011

Board Meeting Minutes 1/28/2011

IAAE Board Meeting Agenda
January 28th, 2011     10:00-2:00
Learning Resource Center, West Des Moines

  1. Call to order
    1. In Attendance: Rachelle Brown, Pam Courtney, Josh Dean, Lisa Demuth, Jen Duncan, Brett Eubank, Brian Galusha, Todd Goodell, Lisa Hackman, Doug Harrold, Bob Howlett, Steve Iverson, Pat Johansen, Lori Kay, Ray Morley, Robyn Naberhaus, Steve Peters, Gina Scheffler (via Skype),  Marlena Schnell, Preston VanLoon, Dawn Young.

  1. Approval of December 3rd, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes
    1. Minutes approved

  1. Treasurers Report
    1. $17,000 in the bank
    2. Treasurer’s report approved

  1. Legislative Day
    1. Updates regarding:
      1. set up, lunch
        1. Time: 10:30 – 1:30
        2. Tables are ordered.  Pizzas will be available
      2. speaker for the group
        1. Governor Branstad will be speaking at 11:00 see below.
      3. declaration from Governor’s office
        1. Proclamation will be signed by the Governor on Feb. 14th at 11:00 in the rotunda during Legislative Day.
    2. Other issues
      1. Rachelle will send out general information about capitol visits
      2. Information about the day will be send out via listserv
      3. Individual programs/school should contact their legislators and media about the day.
      4. Suggested that programs have goodies/handouts for visitors to the tables

  1. Spring Conference
    1. Breakout sessions
      1. Lori has a draft of the breakout schedule.  She will send updates as the schedule progresses.
      2. Session  possibilities:
        1. core curriculum areas
        2. Small schools
        3. On line curriculum
        4. Blogs/Twitter
        5. 1 to 1 computing
        6. Workplace learning
        7. PE
        8. Doors to the Future – Steve Iverson
        9. Reader’s Theater/drama – Lisa Demuth
    2. Entertainment
      1. Dave Zollo will perform for entertainment – he will perform wherever we ask.
    3. Sponsors/vendors
      1. Josh talked to the Des Moines Convention Center, they do not have folders.  The convention center can provide some handouts/etc.
        1. Josh will contact Ray about Viterbo providing bags/folders.
      2. Pat is working on sponsors/vendors
        1. Send any ideas to Pat
    4. Social
      1. Possible Thursday evening event at a location separate from the hotel – “All in the Family”  Can have ½ of the bar area with stage.
        1. Still a few details to work out
    5. Other
      1. CEUs and graduate credit
        1. Ray will set up graduate credit through Viterbo
        2. Greg will handle license renewal and CEUs
      2. Board approved Lisa spending up to $300 for a door prize.
        1. Board members are each responsible for providing a door prize up to $10.
      3. Lunch set up - buffet
        1. Possible lunch speaker – short speech
          1. Jen will contact Jason Glass
      4. Dignitary to kick off the conference?
        1. Todd and Pat will contact the mayor of Des Moines to see if they will kick off the conference.
        2. Lori and Brett will handle any changes to the program, etc.
      5. Awards/president’s plaque
        1. Lisa D is taking nominations for awards
        2. Lisa D asked for new pictures for a display.  Mount pictures on 8.5x11 form board and get them to Lisa D
        3. President’s plaque – each president gets their own plaque
        4. Lisa reminded past grant recipients about their expectations to write an article for the newsletter.
        5. Board approved a motion to spend up to a total of $1500 for grants and up to $500 for awards/plaques.
      6. Elections   
        1. Brett has the information about elections and what positions are open.
          1. President Elect
          2. Central Lisa
          3. NE Todd
          4. NW Lori
          5. SW
          6. SE Robyn
          7. At Large Jen
      7. Lisa H has a contract for one of the keynote speakers.
      8. Jen has a link to get bags/folders stuffed if we need someone to do that.
      9. DMACC can do the printing for the conference.

  1. Old Business
    1. IAAE membership
      1. Iowa Residential Educators
      2. Community College representative
      3. DE representative
        1. Add DE representative to the agenda
          1. Our goal is updates and communication – how that happens is open
    2. At-Risk/Alternative Education Endorsement possibility update
      1. Ray and Linda are having conversations with a representative from UNI regarding offering a Master’s in Alternative Education.
    3. Risky Business
      1. Cost-effective options
        1. Looking for an alterative site to help keep costs down

  1. New Business
    1. At-Risk education discussions at our schools
      1. Jason Glass has a blog - Education Elements on Word Press
    2. Steve Iverson has been working on an on line training program and transition planning for students in the Heartland AEA area and potentially to other areas.  Doorstothefutureiowa.org.  
    3. Pat is asking for someone to take over the duties of putting out the newsletter.
    4. Board meeting in March for conference wrap up and legislative updates – March 25th – possibly at DMACC campus.

  1. Adjournment
    1. Board approved.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dawn Young

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