April 09, 2011

New IAAE President Encourages Member Interaction on Website

New IAAE President, Brett Eubank, encourages IAAE members to visit his new blog on the IAAE Website http://www.iaae.net/site/. Brett will be posting his thoughts, as well as happenings from across the state. He encourages all members to sign up for a username to use this interactive feature on the IAAE website.

Here's how to sign up to use the blog feature for creating your own IAAE blog OR commenting on other's blogs:
  1. Click this link to get to create a new account. http://iaae.net/site/?q=user/register  (Note: this registration is NOT the same as the registration needed to join the IAAE mail list)
  2. Type in a unique username and your school email address (educational email addresses are the only ones automatically approved by the site administrator)
  3. Click the "Create New Account" button and wait for an email that verifies your new account.
After receiving your verification email, visit the IAAE site's Member Blogs area to comment on Brett's blog or create your own!

Don't forget to join the IAAE MailList!
Members of the IAAE MailList can ask questions any time via email to all other members who have joined the list. This year MailList members have posted questions about billing and contracts for alternative programs, alternative school attendance requirements, and the IAAE State Conference. The MailList is an easy way to find out what other alternative schools and programs are doing and to share information about IAAE events. To join the MailList:
If you use an educational email address (like k12.ia.us or .schools) you should receive an instant email verification that you are now subscribed to the maillist. Non-educational email addresses will not be automatically accepted and you will have to wait for the site administrator to verify your identity.

Once you are subscribed, you can email the list members by sending a message to maillist@iaae.net
There is a size limit for messages, so please make sure your messages are smaller than 4MB. Be sure to add maillist@iaae.net to your address book so that emails from the list can make it through your spam filter. If you have problems accessing the MailList, please contact an IAAE Board Member or leave a comment on this blog. Your problems will be shared with the IAAE site administrator.

How do you feel about the IAAE MailList? What are your thoughts about the IAAE Member Blogs feature? Leave your comments below in the comment section by clicking the word "comments".


  1. Ray said he had a message come up when he tried to register for Brett's blog. It said that his login was already in use on the maillist and the passwords didn't match. This happened to me, too! Please don't give up! Just click the buttons to send yourself a reminder about your password, reset your password and then go back and register for the blog. I will contact the site administrator to see if we can simplify the process and post a comment here when we get it figured out,

  2. Our IAAE website administrator says that the site has 2 separate systems--one is for the Maillist and one is for the Member Blogs. So, you will need to create 2 accounts. You can use the same login/password if you want to. But if you are already on the maillist and you want to participate int the Member Blogs (as a blogger OR as a commenter) you need to register a second time. Hope this helps!