April 05, 2011

The New IAAE Newsletter

The IAAE Board is thinking about trying something new for its newsletter: a blog!  IAAE members can contribute to the blog by commenting and by emailing your stories, news, pictures and links to  iaaenewsletter@gmail.com.

Please let us know what you think of the blog idea by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for your contribution to the IAAE and for your work in alternative education!


  1. Hello Jen, I like this format. We may want to have the newsletter and blog for a year together before shutting down the snail mail version. I would be OK with just the blog myself. Thanks for your efforts on this project. Doug Harrold

  2. I too like the new format. Great job on the design, but I am not sure if this whole internet thing will take off.

  3. I'll talk to people at the conference about their thoughts. Maybe you guys can, too? I'm okay with Doug's idea of doing both the old .pdf file and this for a year--as long as I have help...

    Do you think the colors are okay? or is the blue/white too bright?